Certified Field Builder on Staff

United Turf and Track is proud to announce that our president, Dillon Ripley, is a Certified Field Builder through the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA). This honor comes after years of working in the Sports Construction industry, months of preparation, and finally, a demonstration of knowledge for the ASBA.

Ripley is the only Certified Field Builder based out of Oklahoma.

United Turf and Track is also proud to announce that Ripley, along with United’s head of Natural Grass Services, Jerrod Simmons, are members of the Oklahoma chapter of the Sports Turf Management Association.

Our owners can rest assured that United Turf and Track only performs the highest quality of work with seasoned and professional employees, to complete projects that far exceed the industry’s standards.

Thank you for joining United Turf and Track as we celebrate the hard work and dedication of Ripley and Simmons. 

United Turf and Track