National Construction Safety Week 2018 – Day 2

May 8, 2018 | Industry News

Thanks for checking back in with United Turf and Track as we participate in National Construction Safety Week 2018! This week is all about how our employees meet and exceed the current safety standards in the Sports Construction industry. 

Day 2 – Hard hats, seatbelts, and harnesses

Hard hats are a requirement on a jobsite. They protect the skull and brain from being damaged if an accident happens. Seatbelts are an essential part of operating a machine or vehicle. They will keep the driver or passenger from flying through a window or windshield if a wreck happens. A safety harness is like a seatbelt, but it is used when a worker is climbing a pole or standing on top of a tall roof or building. Safety harnesses will catch someone if they fall from a high structure. 

Thanks for celebrating National Construction Safety Week 2018 with us! Check back in tomorrow for another way we keep our job sites safe.

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