Tuttle selects United Turf and Track

Jun 24, 2019 | Awarded Projects

United Turf and Track secured the contract to build and provide new synthetic surfaces for the football, baseball and softball fields in Tuttle, OK with AstroTurf.  The fields, once completed, will be the nicest and most durable surfaces in the Oklahoma City Metro area with the newest in synthetic turf technology.  The football field will receive AstroTurf Rootzone 3D3 Blend with Trionic fiber.  The baseball field work will consist of an infield conversion to synthetic turf with natural grass outfield and softball will receive a full conversion to synthetic turf.  Both baseball and softball will be surfaced with the AstroTurf Diamond OPS system.  80% of Division I synthetic baseball fields are surfaced with Astroturf.  Tuttle knows they want the best for their student-athletes, and partnering with United Turf and Track to provide them.  See project updates in the future as fields are completed.

United Turf and Track